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Successful senior executives need a coach to help them navigate their increasingly complex trajectory.

You deserve the opportunity to be the best you can be.

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Successful leadership teams need to collaborate to achieve exceptional results.

You need to unleash the strengths of each leader to achieve accelerated results.

Unleash your leadership teams potential by executing The Advantage.

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In an increasingly complex world, we help your business define and execute on priorities.

You deserve the opportunity to be the best you can be and reach your full potential.

Discover how The Advantage can accelerate the growth of your business.


Success Stories

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Lola Myshketa

Chief Business Development Officer


Adam’s success story as an entrepreneur, his outstanding achievements in the corporate world, combined with his natural talent in dealing and influencing people are a very unique combination that he brings to the coaching industry.

Adam’s techniques are effective, because he is able to coach from a very deep and broad personal experience. His genuine drive and passion to empower his clients to live a life of purpose is the real deal and the true value add.


The strengths-centered business model that underpins Adam’s coaching practice alongside his intuitive, honest, deeply enthusiastic style are massively engaging to work with. 


Most importantly Adam champions diversity and inclusion, which I find inspiring and quite rewarding, so if you are an executive woman seeking to reach new heights both personally and professionally, look no further. Adam is your go-to coach!

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Umer Saleem

BD Leader

Fives Group

“Adam has been transformational in both my professional & personal life accelerating my success. His discipline & methodical work style has given me the foundations to build the very best version of myself into my daily routine.

Since working directly with Adam I have experienced even higher levels of success which I can only attribute to our working relationship. I very much look forward to a long fruitful coaching relationship with Adam so I can reach even greater heights. I have no hesitation in recommending him”.

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Michael Todd


2b Limitless

"Adam is a strengths based ‘High Performer’ - I first met him as a coaching client and his commitment to the process of growth and development led him to our coach training process. It soon became apparent that Adam had a real talent for coaching individuals and teams. 

His high level corporate experience and skills combined with his coaching skills create a real unique value proposition. I would highly recommend Adam as a strengths-based coach of real quality who is sure to have an impact on high-performance people, teams and organizations. I am really looking forward to collaborating with Adam and supporting his continued growth and success."

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Harry Tregoning

Managing Partner & Owner

Tregoning Group

Having founded and run my own business for several years I was looking for the best business coach to support my continued growth as a leader and help take Tregoning Group to the next level.

Adam is the only Dubai based Business Coach I am aware of who has successful started, led, grown and sold his own business.  He brings invaluable experience from his own journey to support me to get the very best out of my life and businesses.  Without hesitation I would recommend Adam and his coaching skills to help support you, your business and your life reach their full potential.

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James Bourke


Energy Driven Systems

“Adam Ashcroft and his tools and strategies have become core to our culture. He has been one of the critical influences to EDS’s success. From coaching our key leaders through to helping our leadership team unleash our company’s full potential. 

Adam helped us map out our vision on how to become a world class organization”.

The Advantage Coaching Packages

Advantage Discovery (Free Session)

When you are uncertain about the longer term commitment of working with a professional Coach, Advantage Discovery could be for you.


  • 1 x Strategic Review (60 minutes)
  • 1 x brief summary report

Following this session, we will outline your proposed coaching journey, with clear milestones so that you can reach your full potential and live your best life.

Schedule a call today to book your Advantage Discovery Session

Advantage (Top 5 Strengths)

When you are uncertain about what your strengths are and how to utilise them daily, the Advantage Top 5 Strengths package could be for you:


  • 1 x StrengthsFinder Top 5 Assessment & Results
  • 1 x Top 5 The Advantage Mug
  • 1 x Strategic Review session (90 minutes)

Through this program, we will identify your top 5 strengths, and how to use them to reach your full potential and live your best life.

Schedule a call today to book your Advantage Top 5 Strengths session

Advantage Twelve

When you have a clear and specific challenge to overcome, our 12 month Advantage 12 engagement could be the right option for you.


  • 1 x Strategic Review Session (90 minutes)
  • 1 x brief summary report
  • 1 x Comprehensive Induction Session (90 - 120 minutes)
  • 1 x StrengthsFinder Top 34
  • 10 x High Performance Coaching Sessions (90 mins each)
  • 1 x Personal Copy of The Advantage Playbook
  • 1 x Printed personalised copy of your 12 month The Advantage Playbook (after 12th Month)

Working with an Advantage coach who can hear the things you don't want to hear, and see the things you can't see, will enable you to become the person you always wanted to be.

Schedule a call today to book your Advantage 12 Journey

The Advantage Founder and Coach 

Adam Ashcroft 

The Advantage Coach

Adam Ashcroft is a highly regarded Business Leader & Accredited Executive Coach with over 20 years extensive international experience developing and growing companies and supporting executives.  He has a deep routed knowledge of working across Africa, Middle East & Europe.

With a passion for supporting and coaching senior executives across global markets Adam helps identify clients passions & purpose whilst creating clear goals, through a strengths based approach, which enables them to achieve exceptional lives and careers.

Adam harnesses his diverse experience of starting (and selling), leading & running businesses by guiding clients through his accelerated growth program so that companies, leadership teams and executives can utilise his vast range of “Playbooks” to reach their full potential.

The Advantage Coach Playbooks are an accumulation of industry best practices that Adam has collated over the past 20 years whilst working with the world’s foremost companies. Combined with Adam’s passion, these Playbooks create the catalyst for our clients accelerated success.

  • 20+ Years Starting (and selling), Developing and Leading Businesses
  • Wharton EDP & Loughborough Business School, BSc (Hons)
  • Certified Performance Coach
  • Member of the Association of Coaching
Adam Ashcroft business coach in dubai

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