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executive coaching dubai

Adam Ashcroft

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Adam is consistently acknowledged as “Dubai’s Leading Business Coach” for CEOs, business owners, and senior executives. 

With a proven track record of scaling businesses, Adam takes his 20+ years of international leadership to the front line to motivate and inspire individuals, teams and organisations.

Adam is becoming highly regarded as one of the World’s leading leadership authorities, an acclaimed author and motivational speaker who thrives in intimate coaching one on one and team coaching relationships through to presenting on the global stage.

executive coaching dubai

Dr Corrie Block

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Corrie Block is highly regarded as the “UAE’s Top Business Coach”.  


Corrie is a globally acclaimed business strategist and celebrated author. Having started out as a serial entrepreneur, failing forward multiple times, his aim it to help millions of people find meaning at work and connect to their personal Purpose.


Representing The Advantage Coach Corrie provides personalised C-Suite executive coaching, team coaching and leadership training to top global companies, fast pasted entrepreneurs and seasoned executives.

executive coaching dubai

Tricia Evans

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Tricia is the Middle East’s longest standing business coach and has over 30 years of hands-on leadership experience, coaching many of the World’s leading organisations and their top executives.

With a Passion for supporting up and coming talent as well as helping established business executives raise their impact to the next level Tricia supports them on their journey.

Heralding from the UK, Tricia has lived in the Middle East for over 30 years.

executive coaching dubai

Tina Chugani

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Tina’s Passion is supporting executives and their teams to be at their best. With a distinguished career at EY as well as Dubai Airports driving Corporate Resilience, Tina thrives whilst Coaching, Leading and Training Senior Executives and their teams to be their best.

Tina brings a wealth of knowledge of working at senior levels within a variety of global corporations including  GE in the USA, Barclays in the UK through to being an accomplished Managing Director at Proxis in Dubai whilst balancing home responsibilities including her twin sons.

executive coaching dubai

Simon Lewis

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Simon is a seasoned senior business Executive and Team Coach and strategic C-Suite Advisor combining 40+ years of global management experience and leadership. 

From the boardroom of dnata (Emirates Group), Simon drives business growth and people development, sparking opportunities so leaders can be better versions of themselves.

With exceptional leadership experience and the power to influence at all levels, Simon spearheads strategic initiatives from their inception to their execution, and subsequent delivery. 

executive coaching dubai

Chris Miller

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Chris has a wealth of experience and expertise as a highly accomplished international CEO, Coach & Mentor over 30+ years in business leadership, management and entrepreneurship across various sectors


With an emphasis on the softer skills Chris helps leaders and teams develop the “greatness” mindset required to drive businesses and individuals forward in the post-pandemic world.


A natural leader and coach, Chris has the proven skills to engage everyone from the shop floor to the boardroom and ensures they all understand the goal and they are all committed to achieving it.

executive coaching dubai

Richard Stewart

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Richard’s Passion is to help business owners, investors and executives drive profitable growth faster than the market through people excellence.

As an established C-Suite executive including CTO at Nakheel, CIO for Harvey Nichols, a distinguished career at SaraLee as well a board positions at various companies Richard combines his Passion for Technology with the critical ingredient of human impact.

Richard has vast experience across various sectors from Retail, Insurance through to Construction and Wellness.

executive coaching dubai

Chris Lake

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Chris is an experienced Management Consultant, Trainer, and Coach renowned for supporting senior executives through his integrated personal and organizational development approach.

Working extensively across international markets and diverse industries, Chris has advised globally recognized organizations, including Qatar Foundation, Ingram Content Group, Xerox, Brand Union, Williams Lea, and TCS.

In collaboration with the broader Advantage Coach team, Chris leads the development of our training arm, bringing extensive learning and development experience. Several of Chris’ corporate learning programs run in over 150 countries and ten languages.

executive coaching dubai

Charles Blake Thomas

Advantage Coach (London, UK)

Charlie is an experienced CEO, Mentor and Coach who's renowned for his expertise in guiding C-Level executives and high-potential individuals to achieve their peak performance. 

With a background in leadership and a portfolio of successful business ventures, Charlie serves as EyeQuant's CEO and has held key roles in prominent organisations including Mars and Lloyds Banking Group.  He was recently voted one of the World’s Top 50 AI CEOs.

Charlie also loves supporting a number of high profile clients from the sporting world – ask him to find out more!

executive coaching dubai

Paul Marks

Advantage Coach (Manchester, UK)

Paul is a seasoned C-Level retail and franchise operations professional with over 40 years experience in multi-site retail operations, start-ups, change management, business development, and marketing. 

Whilst supporting prominent family businesses as an advisor and mentor, Paul also has a track record of successful collaborations with international retail partners including Nike & Timberland with proven success in driving significant growth and profitability. 

Paul balances his time between North England and the Middle East. 

executive coaching dubai

Dr Lauren Ugur

Advantage Coach (Germany)

Lauren is a coach, business consultant and educator who helps clients gain clarity through crafting implementation plans tailored to their context. Her Passion is helping create harmony in clients’ professional and personal lives.

With an interdisciplinary background in international business development and sociology, Lauren has 15+ years in consultancy, training and higher education.

Lauren has worked with corporate teams, startups and government institutions around the world, most recently in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa and the UAE.

executive coaching dubai

Karoline Konrad

Advantage Coach (UAE)

Karoline transitioned into a consulting role as  an executive coach after her own  experience as a successful founder and entrepreneur. 

With over 13 years of experience, she possesses precise knowledge and expertise how to assesses your unique qualities, leading you with strategic ideation to enhance decision-making and maximize success in both your personal and professional life.