eBook: The 7 Steps to Live Your Best Life

The 7 Steps To Live Your Best Life
Adam Ashcroft

Chapter 4. Have clear goals


Adam Ashcroft is one of the Middle East’s leading executive coaches and Founder & CEO of The Advantage. Adam, as The Advantage Coach, harnesses over 20+ years of Middle East & Africa experience which includes having started, grown, led, and exited one of the region’s largest start-ups.

Adam now works closely with some of the Middle East's leading CEOs, business owners and senior executives, and their teams to ensure they are performing at their very best by:

  • Identifying leaders’ strengths and passions and using them for success.
  • Implementing world recognised leadership best practices to fully empower themselves and their teams.
  • Integrating proven business models used by the world's most successful companies.

Adam has become the go-to authority in Dubai, the Middle East, and the region for those who wish an advisor, mentor, confidant & coach who has already climbed the corporate ladder, or for those who wish to take their establish business from successful to the next level.

To inquire about Adam’s one and one coaching, team, group & leadership coaching, keynoting or speaking at your company or event please email info@theadvantagecoach.com